Original Signed Lithograph

Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco

Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco

Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco    Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco

André minaux original lithograph - signed lower right numbered on 140 ex printed on vellum - format 64 x 50 cm. André minaux, born of a Lorraine father and a Provencal mother, studied in Paris at the Jesuit college.

He is introduced to art by his father who leads him in exhibitions and with whom he paints on Sunday. Minaux enters the school of decorative arts. He does his military service in Avignon. The discovery of the Provençal light marks his pictorial sensibility. He married Helen Benoît in 1947.

And this is the beginning of his artistic career. He presents at the autumn salon. The mending nets in 1948.

This canvas is very noticed by art critics. For him, too, is the discovery of the mourlot studio and the beginnings of his career as a lithographer.

Is the year of consecration. At the age of 26, Minaux won the Critics' Prize and took part, among others, in the Salon des Jeunes peintres. At the Claude Gallery, rue de Seine, and the group of the man witness (theoretical meeting of painters who refuse to abstract art). Minaux, an outstanding draftsman, reinvents a figuration in which drawing plays an essential role. He uses a heavy and powerful line that sculpts the material and gives considerable strength to his compositions.

"The use of dull, earthy tones reinforces this effect," writes basset stone in the alchemy of blacks published in 2001. For simplicity, he gets the power. This power, andré minal puts it in the service of man, favoring extreme deprivation and stripping. The museum of modern art of Paris. Purchases a first painting in 1950.

The first major solo exhibition of minaux takes place in 1951. Minaux exposes the descent of the cross, the wild boar, the still life at the kettle and the burial. He participates in the biennale of venice. With a great rural composition inspired by a trip to Spain.

Andre Minaux makes his first exhibition in London. At the adams gallery and a work is purchased by the tate gallery. He also made his first solo exhibition of lithographs in Paris at the Sagot-le Garrec Gallery. It exposes the wedding at the house of the French thought (street of the élysée), canvas of 5 x 3 m, with the numerous personages and the multiple scenes, and which rests mainly on the density of the colors.

Figurative canvas, some critics refer to it as "a feast of color". It is compared to a burial of Orans de Gustave Courbet. Minaux exhibits the same year in New York, at the gallery david Findlay, portraits and still lifes representative of the school of paris.

Mark a hinge year by the exhibition "the boats failed" at the mauritius gallery garnier in paris. Minaux shows how a painter could go to abstraction by speaking of nature. He takes part in the exhibition of the posters of the lithography studio mourlot at the house of French thought. Minaux undertakes sculpture in 1967. A special and permanent exhibition is organized in colmar at the museum of Unterlinden.

It is a donation of large compositions representative of the different periods of the artist. That same year takes place the painters showcase their time at the galliera museum. Minaux exposes a large canvas, the pill, revolutionary subject and noticed. André minaux undertakes engraving on copper. He exhibits at maurice garnier, avenue matignon, large silhouettes painted on plywood, half-paintings, half-sculptures.

In the process, he exhibits portraits of women with big black eyes. The woman becomes a recurring theme in minaux.

Minaux deepens the technique of pastel and charcoal, while working a new process, acrylic. The style of the artist is stripped and distances are taken vis-à-vis the figurative. The same year, he made an important exhibition of charcoals and pastels at the mauritius garnier gallery. Mark a return to the lithography where the simplification of the lines combines with the large flat color. An exhibition of copper engravings takes place at the galerie sagot-le garrec. The engravings are crossed by black and gray silhouettes, impeccable geometries animated with lines and faces. Minaux begins the realization of great compositions where the theme of the trombones is a major element. Period focused on musical instruments, theme pushed and exploited in all disciplines practiced by the artist.

There is an exhibition of pastels and preparatory drawings executed in copper engravings for the book the king cophétua by Julien Gracq. At the gallery sagot-le garrec. During this period, the artist pursues the pure search for forms, volumes and colors by the pastel technique. Several exhibitions of pastels with the musical theme are realized. There is an even more marked search for the non-figurative.

The work of pastel takes on a lot of importance in the last years of the life of the artist. Minaux delivers through this technique a true synthesis of its plastic research: exhibition of volumes, architectures of forms, bursts of colors and a desire to grasp the essential. "It's as clear as the day, as silky as the night, red and black as the poppy, blue as the raven's beautiful body," writes the poet robert hammer. To qualify the work of minaux in the secrets of the trade. Minaux dies as a result of a heart attack.

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Éditions les bibliophiles de provence, 1983. The secrets of the profession, robert hammeau, editions claire martin du gard, 1990. The item "andre minaux original lithograph signed numbered on velin art deco modern" is on sale since Monday, December 17, 2012. It is in the category "art, antiquities \ art of the twentieth, contemporary \ prints, engravings".

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  1. type: lithography
  2. theme: seascape, boat
  3. period: xxth and contemporary
  4. genre: abstract
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. authenticity: original

Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco    Andre Minaux Original Lithograph Signed Numbered On Vellum Modern Art Deco