Original Signed Lithograph

Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427

Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427

Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427    Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427
Draw before the letter format 72 x 56 cm. Other works of this artist available. For any information contact us tel. 06 81 01 49 19.

This work is visible by appointment at gallery montfort 64-66 passage jouffroy 75009 paris. Is a French expressionist painter. Composing characters as well as figures, animals, nudes, landscapes, interiors, still lifes, flowers. Watercolorist, it is also a painter of scenery of theater and an illustrator. Child of Charles and white buffet, he is raised in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

At 29 rue des Batignolles. Where he begins to paint and draw at the age of 10.

Returned from high school carnot. In 1939, he followed in 1942 the evening classes of the city of Paris place des Vosges, where Mr. Darbefeuille introduced him to drawing. He won the entrance contest of the National School of Fine Arts. In December 1943 at the age of fifteen, spending two years in the studio of the Eugène narbonne painter.

Where he is already considered very talented. He is particularly fond of friendship with the painters mauritian box. In 1945, he left to work alone in the maid's room. In 1946, he exhibited his first painting, a self-portrait, at the exhibition for the under thirty years.

At the gallery of fine arts. In 1947, he exhibited the man leaning on the freelance salon. And in December, his first solo exhibition, presented by Pierre Descargues, takes place at the art printing library organized by Guy Weelen and Michel Brient. The state, through raymond cogniat, made him his first purchase for the National Museum of Modern Art.

From Paris, painting still life with chicken. In April 1948, he presents a painting, the drinker at the price of the young painting organized at the drouant-david gallery, 52, rue du faubourg-saint-honore.

He does not get the price, but the doctor maurice girardin. A great collector of contemporary art who acquires seventeen works of buffet between 1948 and 1953, defends his painting with passion and attracts the attention of emmanuel david. Exclusive contract with emmanuel david and maurice garnier.

A few days later, emmanuel david went to the apartment at 29 rue des Batignolles. And proposes to Bernard Buffet to enter his gallery with an exclusive contract. This contract was subsequently shared with maurice garnier.

In June, at the Saint-placido Gallery in Paris, he won the prize of the ex-aequo critic with Bernard Lorjou. In July, an exhibition of his works will take place in this gallery. He exposes the net mender at the fall show. Publish bernard buffet to the literary presses of France.

Bernard buffet wife agnès nanquette. A comrade of the fine arts, whom he divorced the following year.

An art lover has a flint lodge at his disposal. Like rent, bernard buffet gives him a table by quarter. In 1952 he receives the prize. Retrospective at the carpenter's gallery.

In 1955, he won the first place in the referendum organized by the journal knowledge of the arts designating the ten best painters of the post-war period. He paints the models of sets and costumes for the room argument of george simenon. He buys the manimes property at Domont, near Paris. But will leave the next year. In 1958, the first retrospective of his work at the carpenter gallery.

Buffet, bergy stone and annabel. In May 1958, the painter xavier zevaco. Introduces him to annabel schwob. In Saint-Tropez, while he was already settled in success.

It's love at first sight. She had many lovers then. Bernard had just left pierre bergé. With whom he lived for several years and who managed his career.

December 12, 1958, buffet wife Annabel Schwob in Ramatuelle. Buffet was to portray her tirelessly. In 1961, one of his exhibitions was entitled annabel thirty times. In 1961, he painted a set of paintings representing the life of Christ. Designed to decorate the castle chapel the bow.

Ten years later, at the request of Monsignor Pasquale Macchi, Secretary to Pope Paul VI. Bernard Buffet will offer these paintings to the Vatican Museum. Where they are exposed in a particular room.

Publish bernard buffet, legends of annabel buffet. Bernard Buffet bought the valley at Saint-Cast where he worked until 1970.

In May 1971, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honor. On November 25, 1973, inauguration of the Bernard Buffet Museum, founded by Kiichiro Okano, Surugadaira in Japan. His ashes were scattered in the garden of this museum.

Elected at the Academy of Fine Arts. On March 13th at Paul's chair, he is the youngest academician. On this occasion the postal museum in Paris presents a retrospective exhibition of his works.

In 1986, annabel publishes love and fresh water. Release of the book of yann pichon bernard buffet in two volumes that gets the prize elie-faure. In 1988, inauguration of the extension of the museum bernard buffet of surugadaira in japan. Bernard buffet, decreased by Parkinson's disease.

Suicide by asphyxiation in his workshop of the field of balm near tourtour. (var), smothered in a black plastic bag on the surface of which his name was printed with his special calligraphy, on October 4, 1999.

June 20, 2007, vladimir velikovi. Having succeeded him at the academy of fine arts, pronounced his eulogy under the dome. In November 2007, the 3 rd.

And last volume of the monograph of yann the pichon: bernard buffet, covering the period from 1982 to 1999. Bernard Buffet has made many private exhibitions abroad, especially in New York. 1958: carpenter gallery of Paris. 1958: French Institute of Berlin. 1963: museum of modern art of kyoto and tokyo. 1977: gemeentemuseum from wieger deurne netherlands. 1978: postal museum of Paris. 1985: refectory of the Jacobins of Toulouse. 1987: odakyu museum in Tokyo. 1991: Pouchkin Museum of Moscow. 1991: Hermitage Museum of St. 1991: Hyundai Museum of Seoul. 1993: Gustave curbet museum of ornans. 1995: odakyu museum in Tokyo.

1996: Museum of Fine Arts of Kaoshiung Taiwan. 2009: center of old charity, Marseille, France. 2010: gallery pascale froessel, strasbourg. 2012: Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris. (exhibition of all the buffet works gathered by dr girardin).

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  1. type: lithography
  2. theme: character
  3. period: xxth and contemporary
  4. gender: expressionism
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. authenticity: original

Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427    Bernard Buffet Lithograph Original Microscope P 427