Original Signed Lithograph

Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris

Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris

Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris    Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris
Signed in pencil on the bottom right numbered on 70 copies on vellum arches format 56 x 76 cm. Perfect condition --------------- Transportation recommends offered. Pol Bury, born in haine-saint-pierre.

In the province of hainaut. Is a Belgian painter and sculptor. Regent of cinematoglyph of the school of pataphysics. In 1947, his painting takes a new direction, that of abstraction. The founders of the cobra group.

He took part in this movement from 1948 to 1951, partly by contributing to the writing and illustration of the journal cobra and partly by taking part in the group's exhibitions. In 1952, Pol Bury is one of the founders of the abstract art group, which better reflects these artistic aspirations of the moment. At that time, he admired and studied the work of mondrian. And some of these paintings approach the style of miro. In 1938, at the age of 16, he began artistic studies (painting-drawing) at the Montreal Academy of Fine Arts. At this time, he made an important first meeting in the person of achille chavée. A master thinker of surrealism in Wallonia. This is how Pol Bury will belong to the surrealist group 'rupture' founded by the Walloon poet Achille Chavé in 1934.

First influenced by Yves Tanguy. He adheres, like many members of the group, to communist ideology and paints his first surrealist paintings. He will then meet magritte.

And will participate in the international exhibition of surrealism. In 1953, he discovered the works of calder. Gradually abandons painting and makes his first movable plans. During this same year, he creates with andré balthazar.

Montblain's Lacaemia, an institution from which the daily-bul will be released later. A magazine that will become a publishing house.

Pol bury has since been considered one of the fathers of kinetics. He realizes moving works, the movement being a "symbol of precision and calmness of a meditation in action".

His favorite materials are wood, cork, linoxydable and copper. His first personal exhibition took place in 1961 in Paris, when he settled there. Three years later, he moved to the United States, taught for six months at the University of Berkeley and three months at the College of Art and Design in Minneapolis. In 1964 pol bury represents Belgium. At the biennale de venise.

During the 1970s, two retrospectives of his work will circulate respectively through the United States and Europe. In 1976, he created his first hydraulic fountain. Still inscribed in the kinetic movement, his sculptures, once silent, are now making noise. Since then, pol bury has continued to design new fountains, all more surprising than the other, using successively cylinders, spheres, cups and triangles, all in stainless steel.

In these fountains, water is used to unbalance the unstable equilibrium of steel volume. Although these fountains are an important part of his work, do not forget that pol bury was also a writer, art critic, publisher, poet, jewelry designer and director of several experimental short films. It is above all his reliefs and kinetic sculptures that have given the artist his place in the history of art. He is master of the slow movement; he masters time in his mobile creations that surprise the visitor at any moment.

Its fountains participate in the same vein and disconcert in the same way. They release at once something disturbing and a great serenity. They entertain and settle in any space where water can play: city or countryside, historical park or contemporary space ... Whether tube or bubble, steel, copper or other material, the fountains of bury use the creative genius of the artist and his technical and mathematical imagination. Pol Bury died on September 27, 2005 in Paris while a major exhibition of these fountains was underway at the Chateau de Seneffe. He himself had chosen this place, believing that "when a fountain is in nature, it reaches its end point, its climax. Sculpture of spheres at the royal palace. Sculpture of spheres balancing in front of the palais de justice davignon. Sculpture of spheres place romagné conflais-sainte-horine. Seven spheres in a half-sphere, fountain (1984), stone foundation gianadda.

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Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris    Bury Pol Original Lithograph Signed Abstract Abstraction Kinetic Art Paris