Original Signed Lithograph

Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben

Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben

Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben   Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben
Blumenstilleben, floral still life with three vases. Yes, signed and dated lower right in the plate by the artist.

No, but what makes the value of a lithograph and is an original work, it is the signature of the artist, moreover it is dated. Certified, a certificate of authenticity engaging the responsibility of the gallery may be issued. This still life does not proceed from any intention, emotion emanates colors and their agreements (complementary colors red and green) as well as the force of the contours.

The flowers have always had the favor of matisse, they deploy their charm within a composition clearly Cezanian but full of a clear and happy serenity. Objects like Cezanne's become the transposition of the natural world. This work, like many others at matisse shows how much painting is a matter of style and not exclusively of subject. To make the link and understand in more detail the work we advise you to read the biography of the artist below. Henri matisse born on December 31st, 1869 in cateau-cambrésis, and died, November 3rd, 1954, in nice, is a French painter, draftsman, engraver and sculptor.

A major figure of the twentieth century, its influence on the art of the second half of the century is considerable by the use of simplification, stylization, synthesis and color as the sole subject of painting, as well for the many painters figurative or abstract that will claim him and his discoveries. He was the leader of the fauvism, and is one of those painters who at the beginning of the twentieth century as derain, van dongen, dufy, marquet ... Separate the color of its reference to the object and thus release its expressive force.

Provocative reaction to Impressionism they also intend to respond with violence to the challenge of photography, painting being much more than the representation of nature. From Pablo Picasso, who was his friend and considered him his great rival, to Andy Warhol who "wanted to be matisse\Century were confronted with the glory and genius of matisse. Matisse finds the answer to many questions. The painting is decorative but also symbolic and expressive. He must also be inspired by the formal rigor and clear colors of Cézanne to find his way.

Sacred after this period as one of the two princes of painting with picasso, he lives in a laborious solitude between nice and paris without ever being trapped by an artistic current. After many journeys, matisse begins in 1940 a new life and his painting is then more innovative and he turns more towards the essentials, the synthesis.

In 1945, a major retrospective matisse is organized in the autumn show in Paris after the one on picasso in 1944, and in braque, in 1943. Alité, handicapped, but "alive\diluents (water or oil). He then invented the technique of cut papers, which he could cut in his bed with scissors, papers that his assistants placed and glued to the places desired by the artist.

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  1. type: lithography
  2. period: xxth and contemporary
  3. authenticity: original
  4. support: on paper
  5. theme: still life
  6. characteristics: signed

Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben   Henri Matisse- Original Signed Lithograph- Blumenstilleben