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Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition

Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition

Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition    Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition

Yes, signed lower right by the artist and stamped on the back with mention workshop ledannois. Certified, a certificate of authenticity involving the responsibility of the gallery will be issued.

Significant work of the period of the 1970s. Ledannois switches into geometric abstraction, he simplifies its abstract forms but refuses just as manessier, rothko or poliakoff to express themselves with pure geometric rigor. As a result, its squares are never completely square, its rectangles never completely rectangles. His art always finds inspiration in the means used by nature to act on our sensitivity, especially through colors and their symbolic duality.

The depth is given by the superposition of the forms and the movement by the vibration of the juxtaposed colors. The choice of colors and especially the dark and ocher blues highlight a spirit of rigor, clarity and a desire to approach the imaginary in its most minute form. The paintings of Ledannois allow us to escape the spiritual aridity of our consumerist era. To make the link and understand in more detail the work we advise you to read the biography of the artist below.

"ledannois (essay on the painter jean-marie ledannois)\Biography of the artist jean-marie ledannois. (born in Sannois in 1940 and died in Boissy-Mauvoisin in 2014). Is a painter, lithographer and ceramist.

Influenced by albers, bazaines, fautrier, malevich, manessier, rothko his movements of membership are abstract landscaping and geometric abstraction. Jean-marie ledannois is the pseudonym of jean-marie boudot from which his monogram jmb on some of his works.

He was a student of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliques et des métiers d'art while at the same time being a ceramist student in the studio in Paris, Dannie Martin-Talboutier, wife of the sculptor Etienne Martin. From 1960 and for more than 50 years. He regularly exhibits his gouaches and oils on canvas in galleries around the world and participates in many international contemporary art fairs including the first fiac in 1974 with the Melki Gallery. (rue de Seine in Paris). The campaign close to Paris where he lives is inspiring and he regularly receives his great artistic or literary friendships including regis debray.

Who will dedicate an essay entitled "Ledannois (essay on the painter jean-marie Ledannois)\Professor in the movement of contemporary artists in yvelines. To understand the work of Jean-Marie Ledannois, one must know its context of creation.

He is a nature lover who takes great pleasure in working while listening to opera in his workshop in the countryside. No wonder then that his paintings speak of the four elements that compose it: water, air, earth and fire and guide the choice of his palette of colors. However, the subject of his paintings are not the landscapes themselves but the encounter between the reality he observes and his unconscious, the emotions that emerge. "The artist also draws from it the satisfaction of a certain intimate desire, a vague feeling of reunion which provokes relief and relaxation" (1). His goal is then to provoke feelings in the viewer that allow him to seek his own sensitivity.

There is a true duality in jean-marie Ledannois, he is ambidextrous elsewhere: in the right arm he has the strength and in the left arm the precision. Her painting is at once rough and nuanced, feminine and virile, sensitive and happy. Jean-Marie Ledannois prepares the color with patience, he is fast in the execution but meticulous, attentive and neat concerning the technique. This technique governed debray describes it perfectly in his essay "The art of painting begins with the choice of brushes, then by quick strokes, carefully the brush brushes the paper which is covered with color. The painter works by superposition and changes of brush with each layer.

In the meantime he passes a dry brush to get out the grain and soften the first color posed in transparent areas. Each gouache is an encounter, it will take 3 to 4 layers in total before finding the perfect balance between the painter's subconsciousness and the metamorphoses of color. (1) "ledannois (essay on the painter jean-marie ledannois)\, any copy is prohibited. For further information, please contact us on 06 20 26 92 55. _gsrx_vers_783 gs 7.0.5 (783). It is in the category "art, antiquities \ art of the twentieth, contemporary \ prints, engravings". The seller is "abcd7627" and is located in / in rouen. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.
  1. type: lithography
  2. period: xxth and contemporary
  3. authenticity: original
  4. genre: abstract
  5. support: on paper
  6. characteristics: signed

Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition    Jean Marie Ledannois Original Print Lithograph Abstract Composition