Original Signed Lithograph

Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration

Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration

Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration    Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration
Signed lower right numbered printed on vellum format 115 x 74 cm. Peter Klasen, born in Lubeck. German working on the theme of the industry. Since 1962, he is one of the founders of the new figuration. In this movement, which also took the name of narrative figuration.

In 1959, he arrives in Paris. And, in 1960, moved to a workshop in rue de Blondancourt. From 1955, peter klasen began learning lithography and airbrushing techniques. He enters the School of Fine Arts in Berlin. It is then the school and keeps the benefit of the presence of young teachers trained in the spirit of Bauhaus.

Such hann sort, important painter of the informal school. He follows the courses of will grohmann. His first solo show is held in 1966, in Paris.

In 1981, he made a trip to New York. In 1985, peter klasen moved to a disused factory in vincennes, which he transformed into a workshop.

In 1977, klasen meets Claudine Dhellemmes, with whom he gets married in 1986. They have two daughters, sydney and joy.

In the early 1960s Peter klasen made canvases painted in acrylic applied to the airbrush. That incorporate collages of objects, photos and documents. In 1964, he participated in the exhibition "mythologies quotidian" which brings together 34 artists of the narrative figuration. At the Museum of Modern Art in the city of Paris.

In 1968, he began the series of "binary pictures" which combine bodies and objects male and female, often menacing. In 1974, he began a new series inspired by a work on confinement and reflection on the Holocaust. On large canvases, she presents painted reproductions of backs of trucks, wagons, grates, chains, marked with numbers, letters and visual warning codes. In the 1980s he executed a series of paintings that reproduced graffiti photographed on the Berlin Wall. In 1991, he directed shock corridor / dead end, an installation inspired by the film samuel fuller.

Which evokes the concentrationary universe more than psychiatric. In 1997, he appropriates digital printing techniques to make very large formats that evoke collages on which he affixes objects, neon. In 2009, he created a device inspired by the machine of the kafka penal colony. 1973: barbed wire iii, oil on canvas, 130 x 89 cm, collection of the French community of belgium. 1983: armored door with erasures, diptych, acrylic on canvas, 261 x 400 cm (set), art museum Toulon.

1986: untitled, acrylic on cardboard, 55 x 87 cm, art museum of Toulon. 1963: first demonstration in Paris at mathias fels of the new figurative trend that turns its back on abstraction. 1966: mathias fels gallery, paris, france. 1968: Mathias Fels Gallery, Paris, France.

1969: new smith gallery, brussels. 1970: Studio Marconi, Milan, Italy; klang gallery, cologne. 1971: "peter klasen, sets and accessories\1972: mathias fels gallery, Paris, France; kerlikowsky und kneiding gallery, munich, germany; Retrospective, Palace of Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium. 1973: Studio Santander, Milan, Italy. Belgium ; "Peter klasen: ausschnitte aus der wirklichkeit\1975: Galerie karl flinker, Paris, France; Jacques Damase Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

1976: Galleria San Michele, Brescia. Italy; santandrea studio, milan, italy. La France ; Alexandrine Gallery of the Hall, Saint-Paul-de-Vence. La France ; jacqueline storme gallery, lille.

La France ; museum of painting and sculpture, Grenoble. Hedendaagse kunst, utrecht, germany; neue gallery-sammlung ludwig, aix-la-chapelle. Germany; "Peter Klasen, keep out\Gallery of Larcos, Paris.

1980: "peter klasen, gouaches, recent drawings\Galleria San Michele, Brescia, Italy; "Closed spaces\1981: cupillard gallery, grenoble, France; Convergence gallery, Nantes, France. 1982: "traces\"Klasen, recent paintings\1983: peter klasen, painting 1977-82, maeght gallery, barcelona, ​​spain; House of Arts, Montbeliard. La France ; "Gestures and erasures\"Peter Klasen, Neue Bilder\ La France ; House of Culture, Orleans. La France ; Cultural Action Center, Annecy. La France ; gallery birgit waller, bremen.

Germany; retrospective, museum of contemporary art, dunkirk. La France ; jacqueline storme gallery, Lille, France; contemporary art gallery, towers. 1986: gallery bbl, antwerp, belgium; Gallery of Bellecour, Lyon.

La France ; loft gallery, Paris, France; Alexandrine Gallery of the Hall, Saint-Paul de Vence, France; "Klasen, works on cardboard and collages\gallery gkm, malmö. "Peter Klasen, Arbeiten aus 25 Jahren\1987: City Hall, Cholet.

La France ; "Peter klasen, works from 1961 to 1987\La France ; "Peter klasen, retrospective of the work painted 1960 to 1987\La France ; retrospective, museum of fine arts, carcassonne. 1989: "history of ordinary places\1991: "shock corridor / dead end\Galerie louis square, Paris. 1994: gallery pascal lainé and museum vasarely, gordes, france.

1995: "the time and the city\1997: "public works\1998: "women of letters / iron ladies\2002: "figures of an ordinary world, retrospective\2006: "nowhere anywhere\Oscar niemeyer museum, curitiba. "Photography and its double\Retrospective, center of contemporary art.

France, as well as laac. 2010: retrospective, museums of meaning.

(July 4th-September 26th); "klasen at the estaque\2010: the meetings of arles, France. From April 16 to July 13, 2008, Paris. "Narrative Figuration\Peter tilman and Peter klasen.

K Peter klasen, initial No. Pierre Bourgault and Peter Klasen. "Art in writing\Paris, circle of art editions, 2005. Peter klasen and pascale thorel. Peter klasen: works 1959 - 2009.

Renaud faroux, yannick curbes and peter klasen. Peter klasen: the memory of the look, the photographic work. Peter klasen and photography: the investigation of reality. The item "klasen peter original lithograph signed figuration narrative" is on sale since Sunday, January 22, 2017. It is in the category "art, antiquities \ art of the twentieth, contemporary \ prints, etchings".

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  1. type: lithography
  2. theme: abstract
  3. period: xxth and contemporary
  4. genre: abstract
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. authenticity: original

Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration    Klasen Peter Original Lithograph Signed Narrative Figuration